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Art Makes Great Christmas Presents

Some old friends recently moved to the Seattle Washington area for business. They spent a lot of time in Florida before moving and were starting to miss the warm Florida sun. Gary purchased this manatee painting for Joye as a Christmas present to help her cope with the Florida withdrawal. Art from a local artist makes a great gift. It is also my first painting to make the trip to the west coast and I couldn’t have picked a better place to send it.

The painting is done in an experimental process where I paint watercolor on canvas. I first began by using Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground to gesso over a pre-primed canvas. This allowed the watercolor to absorb into the canvas. I prefer to use Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints, but on this painting I used a combination of watercolors that I have accumulated over the years. After painting the Manatee, I felt it was still a little dull. I wanted to find a way to make the manatee vibrant and pop off the canvas. To achieve this effect I decided to experiment with some Derwent Intense Ink Pencils I’ve had in my desk. I was amazed at how bright these pencils were. They are water soluble so they still held true to the water color feel I was trying for.

The biggest concern I had with painting a watercolor of canvas was how to protect the pigments from the elements. This is when I conferred with fellow watercolorist Jennie Szaltis, who recommended that I use Krylon’s Matte Finish. I sprayed a few coats and called it finished. Although I still recommend protecting the painting from any kind of moisture, it at least gives it a small layer of protection.

Painting in this new process was fun and exciting and I’m sure I’ll paint more with this technique soon. output19424105_10213094040004680_2292632452198105125_n


Newest Watercolors

Every artist goes through some time where they lose their motivation and inspiration to create. For me, it was my focus on my professional goals that caused my creativity to dwindle. This year I’ve taken some time for myself and in turn, it has sparked my desire to paint again.  Watercolor is my preferred medium of choice. As most artists do, I struggled with finding inspiration or a theme for my artwork. This year I’ve spent more time out and in the water than I have in a long time. This has provided me with the spark of inspiration I was craving.