Reservation- Missing Daily Routines

I have some reservations about participating in daily prompts. At the same time, I’m wanting to blog more and sometimes have a difficult time coming up with what to write. Putting my reservations aside, I decided to participate in today’s Daily Prompt: Reservation. 

I’ve been home on Holiday for the past couple of weeks. I’ve enjoyed being home, but I was eager to get back to work. One thing I learned last week is that I’m not one for sitting at home too long. I always start off being really productive, but before long it turns into procrastination and insomnia. A few days to rest and rejuvenation are really important, but I’m addicted to my daily routine. Specifically my morning routine.

I’ve developed what I think is a healthy morning routine. This is what it looks like:

5:00- Shower and Breakfast

5:30- Review my Daily Calendar

6:30- Morning Workout- Monday, Wednesday, Friday are Strength Training Days. Tuesday and Thursday are Cardio Days. Saturday and Sunday are open to anything active and spending time with the family.

8:00- Work

I’ve noticed that when I begin my day with a healthy breakfast and good workout, I’m more productive and feel better throughout the day. It also helps me relax and fall asleep at night.

My evening routine is not as good. I tend to get tired and waste a lot of time watching T.V. and laying on the couch. I’m working to maximize my productivity in the evenings.

As I reflect on Holidays and time off, I do so with reservation. Time off is necessary, but too much time off is counterproductive. At least for me and my desires in life.




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