Beginning of a New and Exciting School Year

This year is the beginning of my third year as Elementary Visual Art Specialist for Duval County. One thing I’ve learned from my first two years is that things are always evolving in our county. I can say that I’m equally excited about this year as I was during my first year.

We began the school year like we always do, with a big meeting during preplanning week at LaVilla School or the Arts. It’s the only time during the year when we get every art teacher in the county together in one place. The only thing that compares to it are Art Education Conferences. Hope McMath was the keynote speaker and delivered an inspiring message to the Art Teachers of Duval County. She talked about relevance, inclusion and representation, creativity, celebrate and giving voice to lived experiences, fears, and collective aspirations. Every teacher left feeling motivated and inspired to make this the best year ever for their schools, students, selves and community.

I am motivated and inspired to provide the support and resources to the Art Teachers of Duval County this year to make our district the best Arts District in the State of Florida. This will be the best year for the arts. #ArtsAddUp


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