Focus on Self and Family

It is Spring and with Spring comes “Art Show Season.” This is the time of year where all the district and state shows take place. In my position, I am involved in many aspects of the shows. This often leads to long and sometimes unpredictable days.

Since this time of year is so busy, I try to remember to take time for myself and my family. This weekend the boys and I went on a campout with their Boy Scout Troop. It was a beautiful weekend with the highs in the low 70’s and a chilling 40 degrees at night. One could not ask for more ideal conditions for camping. I enjoy being part of the scouting program and watching my boys grow into young men. They are learning life skills that they may not have learned if they were not part of scouts. I know the experiences they are getting will help shape them into fine young adults.

I also enjoy camping with the scouts because it gives me an opportunity to reconnect with nature and spend a little time in solitude with few distractions. Not so much during the day, but in the evening and early mornings, I often find myself alone with only my thoughts. My camping spot this weekend put me right on the river where I got to experience beautiful sunsets and sunrises. This morning I woke up before the others and got to spend time in solitude. I am a very blessed individual. I have a wonderful family, career I love and I’m surrounded by some of the best people one could hope to know.

During my moment of solitude this morning, I sat thinking about goals and what I wanted to focus on in the next few months.

  • Health- Continue to workout regularly, but focus more on my eating habits.
  • Personal Art- Schedule a time to paint
  • Spend quality time with my family
  • Continue to better myself daily
  • Journal Daily
  • Blog Weekly

My personal art seems to be sacrificed the most when things get busy. In order to create more art, I’m going to stick with drawing and watercolor for a while. I have plenty of inspiration, but I don’t have the motivation. By going back to my two favorite mediums, I hope to start creating more. When I’m not painting, I feel something is missing in my life.



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